North Wave Bib Short Elite Gel

North Wave Bib Short Elite Gel

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Tackle the world’s roads and tracks you need a bike, miles of passion and the new line of Northwave bibshorts. Treasure by name, and treasure by nature. The line is designed to offer the highest performing technology, muscular support, comfort and breathability. The ergonomic design of the bibshorts is the result of radically rigorous testing while the complete range was created by analyzing the specific needs of everyone who loves cycling from pro riders
to tourers.

  • Main fabric: Lombardia
  • Pad: Elite Gel
  • Braces: Mesh
  • Elastic: Silicon
  • Reflex inserts: On legs


Techno bi-elastic fabric, produced with the exclusive ennoblement technology “thermal by M.I.T.I.”. Lombardia® is an ultra soft fabric, very comfortable, with perfect wearability and easy care, highly resistant to pilling and abrasion.

Elite Gel Pad:

What’s the secret of this state-of-the-art shockproof system? A layer of gel is injected directly into the inner foam and perforated to promote ventilation. It offers you maximum comfort and prevents any stress from the saddle. The padding is made of an open cell structure so the foam still “breathes” despite its high load capacity.

Performance : 4h
Thickness : 4-14 mm
Density : 40 + 100 kg/m3
Fabric : Permanent antibacterial treatment